The Choice is Yours!


Every now and again the people of God refuse to accept that every decision that they make it becomes a “personal choice”. One may choose to love right, one choose to hate and one may chosse to stay neutral but it’s still your choice. In your relationship and walk with God you too have to make a “choice’ in whether or not you will dedicate your life unto him.

Choices to some may be difficult to make and to others is quite simple but is it really? When your flesh is desiring one thing how quickly do you respond or do you weigh the matter of the thing. Christ made the ultimate choice in dying and resurrecting so that you can have the right to the tree of Life.

Remember to choose this day whom you will serve. For you can’t serve two masters you will love one and hate the other.


Bishop Donnell D. Cunningham

Christian Living


Well when one may think of the term or idea “Christian Living” it sounds difficult, hard to manage, or even scary. But if I have to be honest “Christian Living” is a lifestyle. Yes there are ups and yes there are downs but it has two things that really help you throughout your journey. And these two components make the “lifestyle” seem less difficult, easier to manage, and not so scary. They are: Grace and Mercy. If not for His grace and His mercy how would we ever survive? I’m telling you if not for those two right there “Christian Living” would be Hell on Earth! What do you think? –The Queen