Being Better, and No Longer Bitter

In 2016 there are so many people still battling with bitterness within themselves to the point where they are just existing but not living. Bitterness is detrimental to ones total being as well as though directly and indirectly connected to them. In order to create the life that you were destined to have you must change your position and your mindset. One must come to the realization that in this next season in your life you can’t afford to let bitterness hold you hostage any longer, it now time to become the real You.

Being you means that I will not compromise or put myself in a position where my validation only comes from a human source, being a better you means that whether I have all the tangible things in the world or not that I am fearfully & wonderfully made by God. Being better means is that I will no longer walk in a place of bitterness. I will no longer be bitter about my past, my failures or my mistakes. I will no longer remain bitter about being harm, rejected, set aside, or forgotten. But I’ll come out screaming that I’m Better because of it. I’m better because my bitterness has taught me what not to do & how to handle life. As we enter 2017 Better is your new name!