You Made It!

you made it jfaj

Wheww, you thought you wasn’t going to make it, news flash you did. Sometimes in our lives we experience difficult times and feel like we can’t make it through that storm because all hope seems gone. We look at that storm and it becomes overwhelming to the point where you want to give up, but that’s not an option for you.

You have been created to stand the test of time, even when you were in a bent position notice that you didn’t break because you are a conqueror and conquerors win. You made it with your head held high, you made it with a smile on your face, you made when others didn’t think you would, you made it even when you thought you could. You are a survivor & you were built to last. Keep holding on to the unchangeable hand of God and watch him work an unexpected work in your life.

Every time you reflect always remind yourself that You Made It! Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might be strong.

Humbly Yours,
Bishop Donnell Cunningham