Meet Donnell Cunningham

Donnell D. Cunningham a native Baltimorean is the second son of the late Mr. Donnell and Mrs. Theresa Cunningham. It was at the age of 6 where he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior & preached his first sermon before God’s people at 9 years old. He was anointed from birth to be an effective leader in ministry and a follower of Jesus Christ.

Bishop’s spiritual journey consisted of receiving water baptism and being filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost. Being equipped with the Holy Ghost, he was licensed and ordained Elder by Overseer Bishop Manning from the Church of the Living God in 2000, it was under her tutelage that he served with compassion and meekness in many different capacities.

After being proven he answered the call from God to Pastoral-ship and with 6 members on May 11, 2003 stepping into faith the birthing of New Genesis Total Praise Center, Inc, “The Church where Jesus is Lord & Reigns Forever” was established.  This place of worship is where brokenness is allowed so deliverance can be manifested; a ministry that would forever be the catalyst that would change many lives.

Committed to winning souls for the Kingdom of God; along with his faithfulness and exceptional work ethic in Ministry as a Pastor the spirit of elevation was ever prevalent.

In 2006 he was amongst the youngest elected to the office of Bishop and on March 24, 2007 was consecrated with the “Laying on of hands” to the office of Presiding Prelate, by Chief Consecrator the Late Robert Lee Bussey Senior & members of the College of Bishops.

Bishop Cunningham’s knowledge of God’s Word is true as he has obtains a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from Family College Institute & Seminary & a Doctoral Degree of Divinity from the Redeemed Bible Institute in Baltimore. Due to the urgency of rebuilding individuals and families and the need to understand the mind and the total being of “Man” laid heavy upon him, he also holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Ashford University.

Bishop continues to serve as the Senior Pastor of New Genesis Total Praise Center & the Presiding Prelate/Establishmentarian of New Genesis World Alliance Ministries, International with Ministries in North Carolina, South Carolina, The Cayman Islands, future home in Delaware & the headquarters ministry in Maryland.  As a wise leader who speaks to and hears from God; is preparing rebuilt sons and daughters to become effective laborers in the vineyard.

As a prolific preacher who ministers to thousands through a unique style of interactive Preaching (where the Word of God is brought alive), with Evangelism and Outreach as a foundational principle according to the Word of God. As a progressive and innovative man of God, his humbled spirit and countenance has opened doors for him to spread the gospel via airways on Spirit 1400; Heaven 600; Shout 94.7 South Carolina; and in the Bahamas to name a few. The ministry gift that God has blessed him with afforded him the opportunity to be a featured guest on Rejoice in the Word with Bishop George Bloomer on the Word Network where he declared to souls in over 200 countries that reaches millions across the globe “Hands Up”.

A hidden treasure in the Kingdom of God, he is an Anointed teacher, an Awesome Bishop and Spirit driven servant of God whose heart is not aimed at being famous but is aimed at being an Echo throughout the land saying what “Thus saith the Lord’. Bishop Cunningham is a Spiritual father to many.  His ministry to his two children the Associate Pastor Elder Anthony Cunningham & Shantrelle Cunningham encourages all his spiritual children to know unconditional love.

Overview of Accomplishments

· Visionary
· Business Owner
· Ministry Planter
· Investor (spiritually)
· Renaissance Conference host in Coca Beach, FL 2006
· Renaissance Conference host in Jekyll Island, GA 2007
· Refreshing Conference host in Scottsdale, AZ 2010
· Fresh Fire Conference host in Jacksonville, FL 2011
· Fresh Fire II Conference “Purifying the Remnant” Aiken, South Carolina 2015
· Spiritual Father
· Spiritual Covering