I’m Bigger Than That!

Bigger is an indication that it is of a greater value; to enlarge

Everyday people face obstacles and challenges that the devil will try to use to bring about defeat. He will magnify a small situations and force you to focus on them and you not take control over those places. He is a coward that is waiting for someone to operate in their insecurities and vulnerabilities so that he can act accordingly as the roaring lion. But now you have to come to the realization that your are bigger than that. God has given you a tremendous about of strength and fortitude to defeat in giants in your life but you have to keep on declaring I’m Bigger than that. Once you began to see what the enemy is trying to do and how he is trying to use the weak moments in your life you have to speak a language of victory instead of defeat and tell the enemy, I’m Bigger than that.

I am bigger than any attack you will try to through my way because I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. I am also aware that the enemy has an assignment and so do you. You must know that your assignment is going to be tried everyday, your anointing is going to be called into question, your family will be tested because of who you are and whose you are. God wants to enlarge you from your current state, but your current state cannot be clouded by focusing on defeat and not looking at victory. God sees you bigger but the question is how to do you see yourself.

Speak this affirmation daily I am bigger than that because I have the strength to prove it.

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