New Genesis World Alliance Ministries, International

Declaration: “To Engage, Equip, & Empower those called by God to do the work of God”

New Genesis World Alliance Ministries, International (W.A.M) is an independent affirmation that provides spiritual covering to ministries and leaders in the kingdom of God; whose Founder/Establishmentarian is the Presiding Prelate, Bishop Donnell D. Cunningham.

National Declaration

The vision and purpose of New Genesis World Alliance Ministries, International is to align its members and congregants to a deeper level of spirituality through the definite workings of the Holy Spirit; the word of God and practical skills that will forge a bond within us to complete and fulfill the pan of God for the people of God.

To build and rebuild sons and daughters back to their rightful place in God and in his service; to be committed to preparing men and women called by God to become effective laborers in the vineyard so that they can go after and restore the lost, the wounded, the broken, the lonely and the unsaved due to the strongholds that is keeping them in a place of captivity, so that they can walk int eh liberty of God and have a rejuvenated life.


Our mission is to build up communities that have been neglected and broken both locally and internationally by empowering covenant ministries and pastors to fulfill the vision that has been established for their local assemblies and to become impactful outside of the four walls. To ensure that souls are being touched and changed through the principles of Outreach and Evangelism.

If you are interested in being a part of this alliance, contact the Executive Secretary to the Executive Office of the Presiding Presiding Prelate via email at